Our Policy Concerning the Rules

We consider imposing a fine the last resort.  With a community as large as Terra Linda, you have a responsibility to the other residents.  In addition, non-resident owners are responsible for their tenant's actions.  If we send you a letter about your or your tenant's behavior, and you continue to cause problems, we have to assume that you have no intention of obeying our rules.  If this is the case, we will send you a Certified Letter with the place, date and time our Board will formally vote to fine you for the violation.  Before the vote, you will have a chance to give your side of the story.  If the Board still votes to impose a fine, you may then appeal the fine.  If you fail in your appeal, and the Board votes to let the fine stand, you will have 30 days to pay the fine.  If you fail to pay the fine, Nevada Law requires you, and our Association to pay for, and engage in Mediation or Arbitration, before any legal action can be initiated to collect the fine. 

A. Fine for violation of our rules: $50.00 TO $100.00 each time.   

B. Fine for a of violation of our health, welfare or safety rules: Up to $1,000.00, if the Board feels your actions are so pervasive and serious that they endanger the community.

Over the last 35 years we have had very hard working, fair minded Directors on our Board, and really wonderful people living in our community.  Many of our original owners are still living here.  The purpose of our association is to provide for maintenance, preservation, architectural control, and to promote health, safety and welfare of the residents, not to be a police department, judge and jury.  The future is in our hands, let's work together.